Digital UV - VIS Spectrophotometer

For Reliable & Highly Accurate Determination of Absorbance, Transmission & Concentration of Liquids.


Range 190 to 1000 nm.
µP based wave length selection
4 digit LED display for wavelength
3 ½ digit display of %T, Abs. & Conc.
Highly accurate & stable
4 Position sample holder


Digital Spectrophtometer

Versatile, Rugged, Accurate & Easy to Operate Instruments to determine Absorbance, % Transmission and Concentration of Liquids


Range 340 to 960 nm.
Dual Digital Display for Wavelength & Data
Wavelength resolution 1 nm.
Highly Stable & Accurate
Direct Concentration Facility
10 nm & 50 nm path length

Semi Auto Chemistry Analyser


100 Open Tests
40 X 4 LCD Display
Graphical Thermal Printer
28 Quick Access Test Keys
18 µl Flowcell Volume
Peltier Controlled Thermostat
User Friendly Software
Auto lamp Shut off
Programmable Air gap Aspiration
Repeat measurement of Sample in Flowcell
Microprocessor KF Moisture Titrator

Accurate, reliable, rugged and stable Instrument for Laboratory & Field Use


8 Digit Digital Display
Auto Computation of moisture in ppm, % & mg H2O.
Motorized Dispensing
Storage of Date, Time, Batch No. and Final Results.
External Printer Attachment Facility.

Water & Soil Analysis Kit (Microprocessor)


Highly Accurate, user friendly & menu driven Software
16 x 2 Line Alphanumeric LCD Display
Measures pH, Conductivity, TDS, DO, Salinity, mV & Temperature
Turbidity Measurement
Storage for 90 Samples
Printer Attachment Facility
Mains cum Battery operated
Available in 3 ½ Digit Models also
Auto Karl Fischer Titrator

Versatile, Compact, Rugged & Easy to operate, Instrument to determine Moisture Content in Liquids & Solids


Auto Titration Control

Separate Control & Titration Units
Auto Zero Burette
Adjustable Timer
Visual & Audible Alarms


Digital Colony Counter


An Accurate & Easy to Use Instrument for counting of Bacterial & Mould Colonies in Petridishes.


110 mm dia. magnifying Glass
Audible Confirmation of Each Count
Uniform Glare Free Illumination
Digital readout from 0 - 9999
Auto marker pen
Wolffhuegel Glass Grid without Focussing Facility
Digital Flame Photometer

Rugged & Accurate Instrument to Determine Concentration of Na, K, Ca & Li in any solution. Ideal Instrument for Clinical Laboratories & Soil testing Labs.


Simple and Easy to Operate
Narrow Band Interference Filters
Accurate Na, K, Ca & Li determination
Auto ignition (Model 391E only)
Dual Channel for simultaneous observation of Na & K with Single Aspiration.
Conveniently accessible nebulizer
Auto Ignition


Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter


Ideal clinical instrument for blood and chemical analysis.


1 ml. sample volume
Direct concentration Facility
Surface for 90 samples
16X2 line LCD display
Ranges from 400-700 nm
Highly stable and accurate
Printer attachment facility
Digital TDS Meter


Highly stable & Accurate
Cell constant adjustment facility
Available Laboratory & Field Models
3 ½ digit display
Automatic Temperature Compensation facility.


Digital Portable pH Meter


Accurate, reliable, rugged and Stable Instrument for Laboratory & Field Use


Measures pH & mV
Highly Stable and Accurate
Auto Temperature Compensation Facility
3 ½ Digital LED Display
Auto Polarity & Decimal Indication
Battery and Mains Operated Available
Conductivity Cum pH meter


Highly stable and accurate
3 ½ digit display
Automatic Temperature Compensation facility
Cell constant adjustment facility
Available in Laboratory & field models


Dissolved Oxygen Meter


For Reliable and Accurate D.O. & Temperature Measurements in the Laboratory


3½ digit bright red LED display
0 to 20.0 ppm range
0.1 ppm resolution
± 0.2 ppm Accuracy
0 to 50°C Temperature Compensation