Step Motor Systems

Automate easily with the step motor system. Complete with 2 motors, drive electronics and software - all designed to work together without a hitch. Connects to a PC and comes with software that gives the operator complete control over the speed, direction and travel distance of each motor. Source code is also provided in Visual Basic and C for custom applications. Two sizes are available offering different torque capacities.


Rotary Positioning Carousel

The rotary positioning table provides precise rotary motion for automating tasks for factories and laboratories. Also useful for test fixtures, research projects and even camera positioning and media applications. Use with the step motor system for complete control over the rotary motion.


X, XY Linear Positioning Tables
X - Tables
XY - Tables

Use the cost-effective linear positioning tables to automate pick-and-place operations, dispensing, cutting, drilling, and sensor positioning. Available in single axis (X) and dual axis (XY) configurations. Use the step motor control systems to create a plug-and-go system. Several sizes to choose from including 9", 18" and 30" of travel. Combine with the Z-Axis positioning table to create a 3-axis system.
Z-Axis Linear Positioning Table

The Z-Axis linear positioning Table offers 2" of precision linear travel perfect for a 3rd axis of an XY table. The lead-screw design works well against gravity or horizontally. The tables can be stacked together to create small X, XY, XYZ systems and can be placed on top of the rotary table. Use the step motor system to provide intelligent position control.

3-Axis Robotic Workcell

By combining XY positioning tables, Z linear positioning table, step motor control systems, and a gantry stand - a complete 3-axis robotic workcell can be created. Perfect for automation of lab processes, small parts assembly, pick-and-place operations, sensor positioning, despensing, and research projects. Easy to set up and cost-effective to use.



Belt Conveyor


A 4 inch wide by 36 or 48 inch conveyor suitable for conveying miscellaneous materials in CIM, FMS and assembly workcells. Provided with PMDC servo motor with an integral gear box and an incremental encoder.


Pulley Reducers

The pulley reducer offers a way to improve the performance of our belt-driven positioning tables. When used with step motor systems, the increase torque, increase resolution, and decrease vibration and noise. Speed may also be increased to due to better usage of the motor's torque curve. The pulley reducer is compatible with any NEMA size #23 step or servo motor.



Electromechanical Sequence Control Training Kit


This kit has practical training materials to learn the fundamental of electrical/electronic sequence control. This kit finds use in Mechatronics training courses. The training kit features abundant devices listed here to realize this purpose. Teaching material consist of video-tapes and hands-on text.


Manual switches for operator to give commands
Limit switches to check the status as a sensor
Electromagnetic Relays to receive signals from manual and limit switches and to issue new set of instructions
Timers required for time control
Counters required for numeric control
Many more…