"Are you multilingual (with Robots)??
Try this and add three more languages to your computing knowledge or if you are experienced then check out your understanding & imagination in real, while you explore and learn robotics in fun & friendly way."

The POB-Bot Pack is a full robot, assembling all the POB-Technology's know-how, available as Lite & Golden pack



This robot is built around ARM7TDMI 32-bit embedded RISC processor running at 60Mhz, which is optimized to provide the best combination of performance, power and area characteristics.

It provides a mechanical base on which an intelligent color camera, a screen, an I/O module and a motorized grip are mounted. A CD-Rom with examples and development tools, a serial cable for your PC is also provided.

Develop Programs using POB-Tools in C, Java, Basic or POB-Builder (easy graphical development).
The software's, POB-Builder for beginners and the POB-Tools for higher skilled users, make POB-Bot an excellent pedagogical support for different teaching levels in engineering institutes.

The POB-Bot has been designed with an open architecture allowing any kind of customization (electronics, mechanical and software). Modules communicate via the very fast POB Bus. An I2C Bus is also available.

You can use your robot with given examples or let your imagination go free by developing new behaviors or adding electronics to increase capabilities and give new horizons to your robot.

  POB Software's

The POB-Builder

The graphical development environment by icons.

Many users have no knowlege in C, JAVA or BASIC.

POB-Builder software allows you to program your POB-Bot with icons by adding elementary actions.



  POB-Tools for C, Java and Basic
The full SDK for your robot.

Compilers, tools to build your patterns libraries to recognize, the POB-Tools make your work easy with no makefiles or complicated things to do.


A real brain for your robot or vision based embedded system, the POB-Eye is a color camera robot part, which allows you to do real time, shapes recognition.

The POB-Eye is programmable in C, Java and Basic.

Easy to use software SDK, with compilers and shapes recognition tools for image capturing & processing, is also provided.

The POB-Eye is the heart of the modular architecture.

Because POB-Eye has 15 digitals I/O, POB-Technology made a bus similar to a PCI bus used in a personal computer.

With that bus, POB-Eye can communicate with several slave devices faster than any serial protocol like the I2C bus.


The user can create his own functions, there's free access to the RGB, HSL and YUV components from the CMOS sensor

The POB-Eye is provided with an easy to use SDK.
The user doesn't have to develop the shape recognition functions, the native function "IdentifyForm" allows to recognize the shapes in front of the camera.

As well as a PC can do, with the I/O used as data and addresses bus, the POB-Eye can communicate with different devices like POB-Proto, POB-LCD128, POB-Servo etc...

A complete documentation, illustrated with full examples helps the user's first implementations.

  And the Innovation continues.....

POB-LCD128: Perfect to develop your Human Machine interface or to watch in real time what is coming from the camera.
This module allows the POBEYE to display various images (Screen size:128 by 64 pixels).
In fact, POB-LCD128 can display in real-time the images from POB-EYE thus helping the user in developing his own applications.
Moreover, the library given can either use the whole screen for display or slip the screen in two.
Screen-sharing will be of 64 by 64 pixels, On one side you can have the video in real-time and on the other side the user's interface.

POB-Proto to control digital and analogical I/O, servomotors, H-Bridge and a Joystick.
This module is based on a PIC 16F877 and is reprogrammable.
You can Drive 6 servomotors and 2 DC motors via an H-Bridge.
Use the joystick for a graphical user interface with (POB-LCD)or pilot your robot.
Add your own sensors (distance, infrared, inclination, etc...)
Manage I2C normalized modules (like Pob-Eye)
Further do embedded experiments with 6 analogical inputs and 8 digital I/O.
POB-Grip to catch environmental objects. The POB-Grip is controlled by two servomotors to manage opening,closing and height. The grip uses springs, so the user doesn't have to manage the servo's position with the size of the object to take.
POB-Tooth to communicate between your robot and a cellular phone, PDA or a computer with a Bluetooth connexion.
The POB-Head is a mechanical module to mount a POB-Eye on your robot, especially for humanoids such as Robonova, Robosapiens etc...
The POB-BRIDGE is a board dedicated to the Mindstorm NXT from LEGO. It allows you to build a bridge, an interface, between your Mindstorm NXT LEGO and other robotics stuff (sensors, leds, POB-Eye)
The Cage LEGO Servomotor: Created firstly for the Lego's users, this cage should serve also for the robotics enthusiast who want to put servomotors in their creations