Temperature Indicator / Controller

Temperature Indicator / Controller with Potentio meter setting. They are widely used in Plastic Moulding Machines, Laboratory and Scientific Equipment Boilers, Ovens, Furnaces, Packaging Machines, Constant Temperature Baths & many other applications were precise Temperature Indication & Control is required.

Key Features
Wide temperature range
Accepts various thermocouples R.T.D. inputs
Accurate and easy to read L.E.D. display
Automatic ambient temperature compensation
ON/OFF or Time Proportional Control
The indicator provides retransmission output of 4 - 20 mA, 24 VDC is provided for loop power. They are widely used for accurate and quick temperature measurement applications by Engineering, Chemical Food, Pharmaceutical industries, R & D departments and Laboratories
Highly accurate & reliable
Glass Epoxy single board design
Thermocouples, RTD's & other inputs
Wide temperature range
Temperature Transmitter / Transducer

The Temperature Transmitter/transducer design is available in HEAD mounting and DINRAIL housing. The device generates 4-20 mA current signals proportional to temperature. The transmitter operates on loop power supply. The current signal reduces wiring cost drastically. The effect of electrical noise is minimized & long runs of thermocouple wires are eliminated. The housing is shockproof & hermetically sealed.

Universal Process Indicator Controller

Universal Process Indicator is a giant step in measurement technology. This can measure Temp, PH, ORP, Flow, Conductivity, Level, Weight, Speed & any other parameter from 2-WIRE Transmitter. It finds application where different types of transmitters with wide ranges are to be displayed. The INSTRUMENTATION DEPT. is at ease to monitor various process variables with reduced inventories & high accuracy's.

Process Scanner

Widely accepted in petrochemicals & chemical Industries, Pharmaceuticals, food industries, Furnaces, Power plants. E.R.T.L. Approved.

Linearisation : Software liberalized backed by instrumentation OPAMPS.
Parameter Setting : By soft touch, elegant, sturdy & user-friendly membrane keys
Scan Time : Programmable 1-99 seconds, with HOLD facility
Display : 4 digits for temperature & 2 digits for channel number. Bright 7 segment display & LED's
Process Scanner with Printer Interface
Scanner with RS 232 port can be hooked to 80 / 132 column Dot Matrix printers
The header / title can be configured as per the customer's requirement.
The Internal Non Volatile Time keeping RAM ensures correct clock
Data Acquision System Software
Data Logger

The instrument is very useful where precise DATA LOGGING of process parameters is essential. It finds application in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Heat 'Treatment, Power, Transformer Winding, R&D departments and Laboratories.

Pid Controller

Universal Input , Auto tune FUZZY LOGIC, Excellent Control Accuracy, SMT Technology, Modular design,
RS 485 Interface.

  and many more……………
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