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CHIPKIT 32bit Arduino

PIC32 32-bit MCU Power for the Arduino™ Community
These chipKIT™ development boards are the first 32-bit-microcontroller-based platforms that are compatible with many existing Arduino™ code examples, reference materials and other resources.

Key Features:

  • Pin-out compatibility with many existing Arduino shields that can operate at 3.3V
  • Lower price-point at four times the performance than existing solutions
  • Advanced capabilities including:
    • Integrated USB (Device/Host, OTG)
    • Integrated Ethernet

chipKITs can be programmed using an environment based on the original Arduino™ IDE modified to support PIC32 that also still supports the original Arduino™ line. Leverages existing code examples, tutorials and resources.

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chipKIT Uno32 Prototyping Platform
chipKIT Uno32 Prototyping Platform
chipKIT Max32 Prototyping Platform
chipKIT Max32 Prototyping Platform