Surface & Interfacial Tensiometer
Surface and Interfacial Tensiometer - Du Nouy Principle
Instrument for finding out Surface and Interfacial Tension of Oil against Water by ring Method
as per IS 6104-1971.


Oils, Detergents, Dyes, Cosmetics, Insecticides, Pharmaceutical, Emulsifiers, Biological Fluids, Mineral Beneficiation, transformer oil etc.

Meets IS & ASTM Specification
  • IS 6104-1971
  • D-971 for interfacial and surface tension of oil against water.
  • D-1590 Test for water and waste water
  • D-1331 for Surface and interfacial tension of detergent.

Range: 0 to 90 dynes, Readings are in dynes per centimeter, dual scale on front of the instrument and carries a vernier that can be read directly to 0.02 dynes.
The instrument is supplied with one platinum ring of 6cm circumference, one sample dish, one length torsion wire, one spirit level, instruction manual, standard chart and carrying case.
The instrument is Electrically operated (hand operated is also available)


With Digital Read Out
As per IS 6104-1971


Working Principle
The Microprocessor based Tensiometer works on the principle of electronic Force Balancing, the most accurate and sensitive method of sensing the force required to pull the ring from the liquid interface.

A precision electric coil is freely suspended in a magnetic field. The ring is attached to this coil, the applied pull attempts to displace the coil. An optical circuit senses the displacement of the coil and balancing circuit produces a current flowing through the coil, producing an electromotive force, which restores the coil to its original position. The output is scaled to display this value in N/m.

The applied current is measured and this is the measure of the force required to pull the ring.
Most analytical balances use this method due to the accuracy and repeatability achievable.

Specification : Seven Segment (LED)
Digital Display : Newton / Meter
Units of Display : 0.001 N/m
Resolution : 6 cm
Diameter of Platinum ring : Motorized switch Operated
Raising of Sample platform : Motorized switch Operated
Lowering of sample platform (Positioning mode) :
Motorized automatic , Microprocessor Controlled
Lowering of sample platform(Test mode) : 220 volts AC
Power : 220 volts AC
Power Requirement : 150 Watts Approx
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