CPLD Design Kit
CPLD Starter Kit
  The upgraded CPLD Design Kit works with the industry's most advanced high-performance and low-power CPLDs, the CoolRunner™-II and the XC9500XL.
Xilinx Spartan-3 Starter kit / Development Boards

The Spartan-3 Starter Kit is the ideal introduction to the redefined logic landscape pioneered by the Spartan-3 Platform FPGA Family


Virtex-4™ Boards

The Xilinx Virtex-4 ® family is revolutionizing the fundamentals of FPGA economics. With three application-domain-optimized platforms and a selection of seventeen devices, Virtex-4 FPGAs deliver breakthrough performance at the lowest cost and offer a compelling alternative to ASICs and ASSPs. Virtex-4 boards allow designers an ideal evaluation platform for designing and testing complex systems with the features of Virtex-4 series FPGAs

Advanced FPGA Development System


The SimuTAG is a Functional and Real Time verification tool, which interfaces the popular Simulators to the user application board thru JTAG Pins.

Logic Design Tool - Xilinx ISE Foundation

Xilinx ISE Foundation is the industry's most complete programmable logic design environment. With ISE Foundation, you have everything you need to target today's most advanced CPLDs and FPGAs, including the new Virtex-4 family of FPGAs. ISE Foundation includes the industry's most advanced timing driven implementation tools available for programmable logic design, along with design entry, synthesis and verification capabilities. With its ultra-fast runtimes, an average 40% faster than the nearest competitive FPGA offering, ProActive Timing Closure technologies, and seamless integration with the industry's most advanced verification products, ISE Foundation offers a great design environment for anyone looking for a complete programmable logic design solution.